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DIY reality shows put people at risk by ignoring asbestos awareness

the-renovatorsAccording to a report in the Herald Sun, increasingly-popular shows like The Block and The Renovators fail to warn about the dangers of asbestos even though many of the homes featured in the shows must contain some level of contamination.

Australian senator Lisa Singh has called for the shows to ‘grow a corporate conscience’ and educate viewers on the proper way to deal with asbestos in the home.

“These shows have an obligation to tell people that asbestos can be found in fibro sheeting, water, drain and flue pipes,” she said.

“No one wants to see a spike in the diagnosis of asbestos-related disease in 20-plus years and have it attributed to the craze of DIY home renovation.

“These shows have a captive audience, and high ratings, so why not be a good corporate citizen and do the right thing?”

A spokesman for the show’s production company said, A Nine spokesman said: “We understand the dangers are real. As a result we will address the safety issues and assist in educating the Australian public.”