Metal thieves got more than they bargained for in asbestos contaminated roofspace

Four Perthshire men may have got more than a truckful of valuable scrap when they decided to strip a barn in Blairgowrie of its steel beams: they also probably got several lungfuls of deadly asbestos fibres.

The gang of four did £80,000 worth of damage to the farm building removing the 20 or 30 beams according to the Perthshire Advertiser but also had to receive decontamination treatment after being caught in the act.

Ring leader Steven Cameron, who ended up with a £225 fine, was told by the court, “It seems inevitable you were going to be caught, if not red-handed then immediately afterwards. What’s more worrying is that you have found yourself in a situation where you damaged a building and it would cost £80,000 to repair.

“Even more significant than that is that you have undoubtedly exposed yourself to asbestos.
I understand that the contamination effect is a one-shot deal. All you require is one exposure in your lifetime and it can have very grave consequences for your health.”

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